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Founded in 2012, WOWALL is an artist collective; whose founding members are professional artists excel in contemporary photography. WOWALL concept is to introduce original photography artworks at fixed limited editions prints, at an affordable price to a new generation of art and photography lovers and existing collectors around the world.

When we first buy our laptops, the first thing that we do other than pressing the power button is to decide what kind of wallpaper you are going to have on your desktop. Honestly, it takes a lot of time to think about the design, color, subject or pattern the wallpaper has to have. There are millions of pictures out there on the internet; photographs and artworks of different styles are available to download but even that’s the case, it is still hard to pick out of all the wallpapers the internet has to offer. Sometimes it would suit the theme that we want, but sometimes it doesn’t. You really have to ponder when deciding for wallpaper.
The wallpaper that you have sometimes describes the kind of person you are. There are always ones who catch your attention or somehow you just like it. Pictures of nature, anime characters, abstract pictures, boys, or sometimes even quotes are usually saved in our folders. It also gives you some kind of vibe whenever you look at your desktop.
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